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CFUnited Preview: Oguz Demirkapi on "Multi Language Apps in CF, Theory&Practice"

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When: Thursday, May 31, 12:30pm EDT (GMT-4) (What time is that for you? See https://www.timeanddat... (
Meeting URL: https://experts.acroba... (
Recording URL: Not available until after the meeting. Will be posted on the Meetup Message Board at https://coldfusion.mee... (


In this 20-30 minute session, Oguz Demirkapi will preview his day-long class which will explain the theory of creating multi-language applications and methods in ColdFusion with best practices. The main goals of this class are explaining multi-language applications theory, defining requirements and solutions, and providing best practices with direct coding in class.

About Oguz Demirkapi:

Oguz Demirkapi is a a Senior Application Developer at TeraTech. He started developing CGI web applications in 1994 and has been developing ColdFusion since 1997. He has either been CTOs or Senior Developer of many well known commercial and blue chip companies both in Turkey and Germany. He ran the CFTR ? ColdFusion Turkey User Group for six years before moving to the US. He is a well known ColdFusion evangelist and has spoken at many user group meetings in Europe. His main areas of interest lie in ColdFusion, Flex, Frameworks technologies and L10N & i18N, CMS, portal, e-commerce solutions.


About the CFUnited Previews:

This is the 4th of our previews for the CFUnited conference (https://www.cfunited.c... ( We've lined up speakers for each of the weeks before the conference, which is held the last week of June outside Washington, DC.

As before, these previews are just a 20-30 minute introduction to the topic at hand, with Q&A (thus the name, "previews"). The goal is indeed to offer great information and value, just as in the real talk, but they're not going to be the entire talk, so expect to be left looking forward to hearing more. :-)

Also, something new for the meetups is that from now on we will just use one Acrobat Connect meeting URL for all the meetings, both previews and otherwise. This will make it easier both for presenters to post the URL when they promote their own meetings, and also to help attendees make sure they don't end up visiting the wrong URL (only to find no one there, which has happened a couple of times.)

The new URL for meetup meetings going forward will be https://experts.acroba... ( As before, we do appreciate folks using the meetup system to RSVP, as well as to be able to share thoughts before and after the meeting. RSVPs are preferred but not necessary.
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